This site serves to document the final project of ART 109: Modern Art History, a course at Drake University in the spring of 2014.  Members of the class chose a modern artwork from the movement that they researched earlier in the semester.  They then selected a postmodern artwork to serve as a comparison for the modern work, identifying a linking theme connecting the two.  Before the site was finalized, the class participated in a pin-up of their comparisons, giving feedback to each other and talking through the pairings.  The comparisons reveal new insights into both the modern and postmodern works, drawing out visual and conceptual similarities and differences.

Student participants: Justin Atterberg, Meghan Berry, Brett Budzinski, Grace Carroll, Tori Carter, Hannah Erickson, Emily Fleming, Celina Hampton, Hannah Heintze, Daniel Herzberg, Sarah Keppeler, Callie Krueger, Amy Mathews, Megan McQueeney, Grace Miller, Pamela Mulhern, Jake Mullenbach, Bryan Nance, Katherine Rousonelos, Joshua Tobin, Peggy Vespa, Emily Walton, Madeline Wittenberg, and Kimberlyn Wurster.

 Website designer: Lily Prinsen
Faculty guide: Maura Lyons